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Our Worldwide IT Projects

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Microsoft .NET and Sharepoint

Combined Microsoft technology based project for na insurance company. Alius Consultants integrated partner's team




Microsoft .NET and Sharepoint

Mobile phone network coverage assessment throughout the entire country, with support to dealers and branches.



Microsoft Sharepoint and Biztalk, Oracle, IBM, WebSphere

Complex integration project using Microsoft BizTalk as the main connector for the various interfaces.


Multiplatform integration for one of the largest insurance companies in Northern Europe.


Implementing TIA as the main system that integrates with all the other systems. BizTalk is used as the main connector, Microsoft Sharepoint is the portal developing tool and the WebSphere integrated Thunderhead.


Alius Consultants work exclusively on the integration interfaces as well as customer portal development.




Microsoft BizTalk and Sharepoint

Complex integration project using several technologies in the insurance sector.





Process mapping and integration into Public sector client's core systems.





Microsoft .NET, BizTalk and Sharepoint, Java, Oracle

Integration based projects through Alius' partners for the Public, Banking and Insurance sectors.




Project Management

Financial project manager consultant to manage a strategic operations roadmap.


A US based payment processing company, with headquarters in Cincinnati, responsible for more than 12 billion payment transactions annually, is one of the largest services providers for small-to-medium markets. Products include: debit, credit, prepaid, check, data security and advisory services.

With a crucial core business, our customer needed a reliable as well as experienced consultant to provide a strategic operations roadmap, which included: KPI/SL model, customer feed-back and control model, analysis and report of collected data to support decision process.


Alius Consulting Services was able to provide the consultant with the perfect match profile.