Microsoft SharePoint

Sharepoint is associated with intranet, content management and document management, but recent versions have significantly broader capabilities.

Sharepoint comprises a multipurpose set of web technologies backed bya a common technical infrastructure

Microsoft SharePoint Server can be used by organizations to set up collaborative sites and intranets to share information between employees, manage documents and publish reports to help everyone make better decisions.

SharePoint can also be used to easily build extranets and internet faced portals providing new communication channels between organizations, their customers or business partners. 


Consultant’s Skills

  • Alius SharePoint consultants have over 4 years experience
  • Alius SharePoint team entails Microsoft Certified Professionals in SharePoint Server releases from 2003 to 2013


Benefits of Hiring Us

Intranets, extranets or intranet websites are commonly a set of useful tools to boost productivity and customer communication within organizations. With that in mind, Alius provides a specialized team of SharePoint consultants that will allow organizations to optimize their business processes and improve customer communication using SharePoint applications that are easily adaptable and fast to develop.