Microsoft BizTalk Consultants


Systems Integration consists in the organizations need to seamlessly follow information between applications, in order to complete a full business cycle.

Your company is using BizTalk to allow the automation and optimization of critical processes that are spread across different applications, people and even organizations.

Consultants’ Skills for the Job

  • Alius provides excellence in IT consulting services, serving customers with a highly experienced team of BizTalk specialists
  • Alius BizTalk consultants have over 5 years experience in implementations in various business sectors such as banking, retail, services and industry across both European and African markets
  • The BizTalk team is made up of Microsoft Certified Professionals in BiztTalk Server releases from 2006 to 2010

Benefits of Hiring Us

Organizations constantly demand the development and integration of new applications in existing environments. With that in mind, Alius provides a specialized team of BizTalk consultants that will allow organizations to automate and optimize their business processes with a simple and coherent integration between all systems involved.