IT Nearshore Outsourcing Services

Why Trust Portugal as IT Nearshore Outsourcing destination

Portugal is a top destination country when placing Outsourcing services abroad. Main competitive factors are the abundant existence of IT working pool, comparative low cost of living, legal maturity, social stability, IT infrastructure available and generalized rapport with Western culture and standards.

Why Trust in Alius as IT Nearshore Outsourcing partner

Alius Nearshore Outsourcing offers a high standard highly competitive service level, based on its Senior competency, adaptive business models, strict quality rules and privileged near location and partnerships.

Sophisticated Resources and Infrastructures

Portugal is top country on public expenditure on R&D and Education. Several Portuguese Universities gained themselves great prestige related to Education quality and while Innovation Centers. Most of Universities have close joint ventures with top Worldwide Academic Centers, and formally cultivate close relationships with business private business.

Telecommunications and general infrastructure are set to high productivity, including Wide-Band networks, Data Centers / Cloud access.

Professionals are commonly skilled in English and Spanish language, on top of its mother tongue, the Portuguese. We can also find expat professionals with other specific European native language.

Business Environment, Security and Compliance

All benchmarks and studies show Portugal with advanced systems on labour policy, justice and anti-corruption, intellectual property policies and administrative modernization. Criminal rates are low and social stability are high.

Functional Expertise

We offer Senior functional expertise on key IT areas as Software Development, Software Testing and Quality Assurance, Technologic Evolutional Migrations (to Web 3.0, Cloud or Mobility), Application Performance Optimization, among others.

Our commitments are always based on a “Can Do” approach and we are always driven to results, outcomes, schedules and budgets.

Ethic, Quality and Ways of Work

We operate under the most strict Business, IT Management and Data Protection Ethic and Quality rules. Our Certification processes are on-going for CMMI and ISO 2700x procedures.

We remain market flexible in order to accommodate any needs or conditions our Customers may prefer, including different Project Scopes, Project Time frames or Pricing models. Inside a Project, we have a full transparency to our Customers.

Location and Partnerships

Alius is located near Tagus Park - a major Science and Technology Campus, 30 minutes from Lisbon International Airport. We are near an IT University campus, business incubation nests, shared services companies and international call centers.

Our main partnerships include Universities, Top Consulting companies and Industrial Competence Centers.

Location and Accessibility

International Lisbon and Oporto airports are easily reached in a 2-3hour direct flight from most of European cities/decision centers.

Our working Hours are aligned with GMT, (London, Dublin...). Some companies may adapt to CET (Paris, Brussels, Munich, Berlin, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, …) depending on which market they operate.

For more information please contact us at: or  210 920 635

 Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm, GTM